Our philosophy for our restaurant is substantially influenced by the heritage of our farm.

We feature local producers & seasonal ingredients, prepared by talented chefs and served in a unique setting.  


Unfamiliar with items like terrine, sui choi, or marrow bones?  We are committed to supporting our local vendors and sometimes that means using the whole beast or sharing a rarer vegetable with our customers.  We hope you will not be intimidated when you read our menu; we'll happily explain any unfamiliar terms and preparations.  They may be unique but no less delicious!

Dietary restrictions?  We're always prepared with vegetarian, GF, and vegan options but if you have particular sensitivities give us a call and we should be able to accommodate.  Please note that our kitchen is small so while we do our best, cross-contamination is possible.

Big Groups?  We specialize in this!  The only restaurant in Metchosin to accept reservations, consider us for gatherings with friends or family.