Glenrosa is a farm, rich in local history and our family's history.

We love to share its captivating story with our guests through stories, photos and artifacts.  To learn more about the history and previous owners of the farm - read on here.

In present day, we operate as a small working farm.  Local produce for the restaurant is grown on-site.  The 100+ year old fruit trees are harvested every fall and the heritage variety pears and apples find their way into pies and desserts at that time of year.  


Smaller guests may enjoy visiting with our menagerie of sheep, donkeys, horses, and chickens.  

As a family, we aim to carry on some of the traditions of the pioneers...returning the name to Glenrosa, furthering its agricultural endeavours, maintaining a strong connection to our community, and welcoming others, as those before us have done.